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WordPress is definitely the most popular content management system in use on the Web. As of November 2015, WordPress is used by 58.8% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 25.2% of all websites. Here at Amarria, a very efficient team of expert WordPress developers serves to meet a portion of this huge demand.

In accordance with what WordPress offers, our team of professionals develops top-notch sites that are easy to navigate, to update and to maintain.

Moreover, they deliver pretty quickly, too! Either developing new themes and plug-ins from scratch or customizing freely available ones for particular needs, we keep up a continuous communication with our clients throughout the project which leads to efficiency and perfection.
In this way, we offer great help to businesses and individuals in designing, creating and managing their WordPress powered websites and blogs.

Creating websites that your customers will love

Great interaction for your customers, easy editing for your staff…

Your business matters to your customers – we exist to help make your business more valuable to them. We’re a WordPress development agency, one of very few specialists in the UK who focus 100% on the world’s most popular website software.

We provide best solutions

We create websites with efficient code, clever functionality and easy editing for your staff. Everything we do aims to reduce frustration for your customers and increase efficiency for your staff. This means you’re free to concentrate on your strengths without having to worry about your website.

Our team are a friendly bunch – we love to listen, provide advice and we’ll work with you to create the best solution for your development needs.

How we can help…

OneExpert Coding

We pour our heart and soul into every website we build and that means using efficient code, optimising for speed and doing things properly. This is because we believe you deserve the best out of what you’re paying for. In conclusion the results of our expertise in WordPress development look like less frustrated customers, fewer mistakes and all-round better websites.

Clever Functionality

WordPress isn’t limited, it’s very flexible, as long as you know what to do with it! We’ve mastered the art of building websites that meet your customer’s needs; from complex e-commerce checkout systems, to API feeds, to live sports updates – as a result we build websites that add value to your business. Most noteworthy is the impact you’ll see this make on a daily basis.

First-Class Support

Our business is built to support yours. We have an incredible team of designers, developers and support staff to help you feel at ease and keep you in the loop. But beyond that we’ll support and maintain your website on a daily basis to keep it secure, up-to-date and therefore keep your business running smoothly. We don’t think it’s right to leave you to figure it all out alone.

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Meet Our Team

Robert Morel, Senior Developer


10 Years development experience with a passion for web design.

Cindy Ogidi, Senior Developer


Resident WordPress expert, specialises in database driven websites.

Adam Lord, Back end Developer


Talented Server side engineer, skilled in database design.

Klara Block, Graphic Designer

klara Block

Established Graphic Designer, skilled in web based design.

Frannie Rose Morel, Social Media

frannie rose guioguio morel

Expert in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter campaigns

Linda Madoshi, Marketing and Support


Receptionist providing first line customer service and support.

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What Clients Say

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“We cover several areas of business in the Essex area and we use Amarria for all of them. They really value repeat custom and go above and beyond to make sure we are happy.”

amarria portfolio wordpress biss

“Amarria has produced a high quality and effective website in the time allotted and within budget that we are delighted with and that will prove an asset to the company.”

amarria portfolio wordpress

“Website completed in 10 days! The Website Launch went well. Executives were very pleased. Altogether, congratulations to you (and the Amarria team), and well done!”

amarria portfolio angular

“The Amarria team worked hard to design our site and take it all the way to development, really happy with the personal service. Great attention to detail and high level of design skill and creativity.”

amarria portfolio bootstrap 1

“Professional website design and a really low price, always friendly and willing to discuss ideas. Always goes above and beyond, really happy with the service.”

amarria portfolio angular louiselloyd_life

“Am really pleased with the amazing work that Amarria did on developing both my website and an app, they really did go above and beyond to create exactly what I had in mind. 

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