Launch a successful online advertising campaign using Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an online advertising campaign that lets you pay for your first page Google search ranking. A campaign can be expensive, but if done right, will convert to sales. This guide will give you the key points to consider in launching a successful paid advertising campaign using Google Adwords.

Let me tell you a little secret about Google search: Google loves new content, it thrives on it. The internet is always looking for the latest news and the latest updates. Fresh content is what will get you to the top.

But what if that’s not practical for your site? Maybe your not a blogger or maybe you don’t have any new content. More than likely you just don’t have the time. This is where Google Adwords comes in.

The ingredients of a successful Google Adwords advertising campaign.

Get your website in order

I recently had a client who wanted me to launch an Adwords campaign for his company, unfortunately his website was not up to the task. To understand this, you must understand the first key to the campaign: Conversions – converting a customer’s click in to a sale. Every time a customer clicks on your advert it is going to cost you money. if your website is not up to standard then it will be an expensive and unproductive campaign.

I had to redevelop the clients website from the ground up but it was necessary to spend money to make money. The cost of the website was covered by the first few successful sales. If you are wondering if your website is good enough for a campaign then leave me a comment at the bottom and I will let you know.

Free SEO before Paid SEO (search engine optimisation)

There a million things you can do before launching a paid Adwords campaign. The core of free SEO is to concentrate on Google: Google Webmaster Tools, Google My Business and Google Maps. Get these three right and your halfway there. If you don’t have these then you will find it very difficult to launch an Adwords campaign. Next launch your social networks, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in that order. Connect your Twitter to your Facebook and make regular status updates and links to your website. Google loves this. If you have lots of images then put them on Pinterest or Imgur and tag everything with your company name.

Decide to go it alone or pay someone

Google Advertising can be the start of your success; if done right, or a pointless and expensive activity if done wrong. For an experienced Webmaster, Google Adwords is a breeze if not time consuming, we know where the wind is blowing. If you are on a budget then try Gumtree, Fiverr or go it alone. Google has recently launched a “do it yourself” Adwords tool called Adwords express, this will allow you to set up an advert in minutes. Google’s clever bots will know exactly what to do and will automate everything. If your looking to go alone then go Adwords express.

How much does it cost to launch an Adwords Campaign?

Let me give you some price breakdowns, your average ad is going to cost you £1.30 – £2 per click. It doesn’t get much lower but it can go much higher. You set a daily budget which can be anything but if you want to be seen I advise a £30 a day limit minimum, this does not mean you will spend £30 a day, it is just a figure to let Google know you are serious. On an average day you might expect to get 5 clicks at £1.50 each and out of these (if your website is up to scratch) you might expect 1 phone call/Email. To be realistic expect to spend £10 a day on your campaign. Now is the time to decide if you can afford that and if your website will convert.

What does my money get me?

Your advert should appear pretty much straight away. The way it is displayed is based on your bid price, advert quality, website quality, time of day and how popular your industry is. A developer who knows what they are doing will get you an advert like the one shown below:

Google search Adwords

The main point to notice are; the phone number – having a phone number on display may lead to a direct call without having the customer click on your advert, A well laid out advert looks more professional and helps convert, site links below the ad can lead customers to the right place and finally high quality ads will naturally be higher in the Google page ranking and get more sales. The disadvantages is that it costs more and you will probably need to use Google Adwords (complicated )over Google Adwords Express (automated).

Paying a developer can really pay off in terms of sales. A do it yourself, inexperienced advertiser, or Adwords Express advert will probably look like this:

Google search Adwords

How to get a better advert on Google Adwords? Pay a Webmaster, Learn Adwords form Youtube, Make high bids and have a high daily max amount.


Keywords are the most important part of your campaign. These are what a customer types when they are looking for your service. The example below shows two companies targeting the keyword or key-phrase “Facebook Likes”. I can guarantee that despite being poor adverts they are making lots of money.

adwords campaign

Just think what a high quality advert would look like next to these, it would look very respectable to customers. (by the way I have tried similar services to these – Facebook doesn’t like them but they get the job done – great for startups.)

Do your research

Keyword research is the key to successful selling on Google. Pay someone or follow this exercise: “Imagine you are a customer buying your product, type in Google what you think the customer would type, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and see related keywords.” this will also be a good time to check out other ads and see your competition.

You get what you pay for

This is my motto as a Webmaster, whether it’s graphics, web design or advertising. If you spend money and follow these points then you will make money. If you sell a service or product for a £100 and spend £50 on advertising then you are £50 in profit. The initial outlay may be high, but once your advert is on Google and converting you will quickly make this back.

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