SEO a post in WordPress 101 for beginners

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Watch the WordPress tutorial video or scroll down for step by step text to SEO a post in a WordPress blog post.

If your writing a post in WordPress you probably want your post to be seen. It is important to know the basics of how to format your blog post for optimal Google search results.

  • Log in to WordPress and go to your post edit screen


  • Enter a title that matches the search term you want to be found for.

  • Click on the permalink edit box below, clear any text, then click ok to automatically name your page.


  • Copy the title and place it in the main text body.


  • Click on the formatting drop down in the page edit menu as highlighted in yellow. If you can’t see this then you may need to click the toggle button as highlighted in blue.

  • Select Heading 2 for the title or first short paragraph of your page.


  • Add the next paragraph underneath and give it a format of heading 3


  • Add an image to the page by clicking where you want to place the image then clicking on the “Add Media” button just above the format drop down menu


  • Select or upload an image


  • Use the right hand side menu to give the image a title, alternative text. Scroll down to resize the image.

  • Click “Insert into post” button


  • You should now see the image in the post. You can click on it and use the pop up menu to edit. Set the image to be full size.



  • Staying in the left hand side menu, you will see the categories options. Select or create a new category to help guide your users and Google.


  • Add the rest of your text using the paragraph format, with heading 4 for sub-headings.


  • In the right hand side menu, click on the Publish button to publish your post.


  • You should now see the “Post published” link at the top of the page. Click on this to view your post.


  • Congratulations. You have just created an attractive and well formatted post that your users will love to read.    wordpress-write-post-home

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