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ISITC Europe

ISITC Europe is a voluntary, totally inclusive not for profit group of interested members from the financial industry. Members comprise Investment Managers, Custodian Banks, Broker/Dealers, Software-Data Network communication vendors (technology vendors), Industry Service providers, Consultancies, Depositories and Individuals.

Full membership of ISITC Europe and access to the working group areas, requires a paid subscription. Becoming a member of ISITC Europe will allow you to join and access the online member directory, send private messages, share documents and access the working group forums.


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Fashion Got Me

A fashion blog can be a portfolio for a designers work or a personal collection of fashion knowledge and experience. One thing that most bloggers don’t consider is the ability to monetize their site, it is seen as cheap or commercial; particuarly to an artist.

Amarria was tasked with re-imaging this blog. and turning it in to a website with the potential to reach a large audience, integrate with social media and ultimately sell the popular products it reviews.

The result was a beautiful blog with integrated Woocomerce shop. The payment gateway is fully integrated in to the website and allows subscribers to directly link to and purchase products after reading a review; without subtracting from the primary blog.






The owner of Muck away Essex knows his trade well, he is an experienced businessman and has several websites. Due to Googles new algorithms his websites have been slowly slipping out of the rankings. He has noticed this in a reduction in business.

The owner approached Amarria with the problem. Our specialist knew the issue straight away and how to fix it. The company needed a brand and a flagship website.

Within 3 weeks his business had gone from “generic” waste removal guy to a reputable brand, E1Muk Grab and Muck Away.




BISS Research

This research company used to be a big player in the internet but they were let down badly by a former developer. They turned to Amarria as a low cost solution to fix their website.

Amarria rebuilt the site from the ground up. We saved 80% of the content from an old website builder and exported it to WordPress. The company now has full control of all content and is able to publicise their financial research and accreditation program.

Their latest article received 2000 views in one week and the Google stats show that BISS is set to become a major international forum.




Block Assets

The founders of Block Asset Technologies (BAT) are do it yourself finance guys, they are not afraid of anything. However, a modern website needs a professional touch. BAT realised this and employed the assistance of Amarria.

BAT are ahead of the game technologically and now they have a website to reflect that. Amarria has come to specialise in startups and our specialists knew exactly how to make this a website a success.

The result was the most bespoke website we have ever designed. Every element has been placed with meticulous care and the website will now serve BAT long in to the future.

“Website completed in 10 days! The Website Launch went well. Executives were very pleased. Altogether, congratulations to you (and the Amarria team), and well done!”



Social Media

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Louise Lloyd

Louise is an established health and well-being practitioner based in Cambridge. She is also an entrepreneur. She had been running successful meditation courses for a while but wanted to find a way for her students to be able to access her materials after the course had ended. Her solution was to create an online course.

The new course naturally needed a new website to promote it and attract new clients. Amarria designed the website and developed the application. Louise is now expanding her business and is already planning new courses to meet demand.




Louise Lloyd Course

Amarria created a cutting edge course with online payment facility. The course includes text, videos, audio and images.

“I am really pleased with the amazing work that Amarria did on developing both my website and an app, they really did go above and beyond to create exactly what I had in mind.”


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